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CTR Sweetwater Reign

Filly - foaled May 13, 2006 - Registered ApHC & ApHCC 45332(F3)
Bay Leopard 100% foundation.
Tiki has some reining & cowhorse training, with miles to prove it, trail and halter in the showring,
and has completed 1 competetive trail ride.
Tiki has the heart to go the distance, and the build to make it easy.
This mare is BIG, and her "want to" attitude leaves many horses in the dust. She has presence!

Proudly purchased from CT Ranch in South Dakota. Cheryl and Tim Woods
We made the trip to South Shore, South Dakota from February 22 to 26th 2007.
Her show career is under way with:
Halter 2006 Mares (7 points), Most Colorful (9 points)
Longe line (1 point) and yearling trail in hand(4 points).

Tiki April 2007Tiki April 2007
Tiki June 2007Tiki June 2007

CTR Sweetwater Reign
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