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Ruby - aka Vida Honey

2005 Filly - foaled April 30, 2005
Registered AQHA X0650629
Grey mare with a star and strip.
Ruby Summer 09
Ruby is a very friendly mare with a great attitude.
She is easy to catch and nice to work with, good to tie and work on a longe line.
Ruby is going well under saddle, very quick to learn and willing, no buck or spook.
Ruby has been to the show grounds, out to move bulls and yearlings, lots of git up and go to get the job done, she's happy to put on the speed or go along nice as you please.
Ruby was badly cut up as a weanling in 2005, before I brought her here,
she has a deep scar on her neck on the right and was wire cut thru her left eye
which has left her with little or no sight in that eye.
She was injured spring of 2007, with cuts on her right rib cage and right thigh into the muscle,
that required stitches, the only permanent damage done there is that her brand is obliterated.
This mare is super quiet and will make a good all around riding horse for ranch use or a youth rider.
Her pedigree boasts speed, pleasure, and performance, and she has a good dose of pretty besides.

Ruby Nov 07

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