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Fancy - aka Scampis Fancy Brat

2003 filly - foaled May 2003 - Registered ApHCC.(F1)- dun
There are no spots on her and so far no roaning, she does however have stripes on her hooves,
white sclera around her eyes, and a small bit of mottling on her nose and under her tail.
She is smart, friendly, and very nice to work around.
Easy to catch and halter, ties and leads and picks up her feet.
Fancy has about 2 months of riding now and is willing and athletic.
She has a walk that says she is going somewhere, and a willingness for speed, with a nice stop.
She moves nice and free and is light on the bit and sides.
She is almost 14,2 hands high and has a nice little horse way about her with big horse power.
Scampis Fancy Brat
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