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2008 gelding - foaled May 2008 - Registered ApHCC(F4)- Few spot leopard 15'2 hh
Quiet, and good natured, easy to halter and tie, trailers well, and will travel by himself, very well mannered, neat little horse. Eagle came to work with me for the calving season 2012, he sorted pairs and did lots of outside miles checking cows and fences. Thru the summer he put in time riding pastures and for the fall he was my go-to horse for moving from pasture to pasture. This guy is all try and git up and go, might be way more horse than most people would ever need, however he is a quick study and would shine at whatever he is trained to do. He is show quality, would do patterns or pleasure, he is ultra smooth and will collect up, he will neck rein, and is very soft. He will crash thru brush and climb hills, do mud, bog and water without hesitation, give him a direction and hold on. Eagle has a great work ethic and can put in a full day. He has very good bone and good feet, stout enough to be a rope horse.

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