LT Klever Doc - AKA Dollar.

2011 Sorrel Stallion - Grandson of Peponita San Tivio

Dollar is proving to be one of the nicest horses I have ever worked with. His ground manners are perfect in every way, he is sensible and smart. He was injured unfortunately when he was young, and never started under saddle, he spent his life as a range horse, till he came here. Now he is handled almost daily, and loves the attention, and training.

He may not have lifetime earnings, what he does have is heart and smart!
The mares are all solid, broke, ranch horses. Each one of them have their own special attributes, every one of them have correct conformation, pretty heads, and smart, sensible, trainable minds. These combinations are going to produce some of the nicest horses to partner with.
Enjoy your visit, and come again soon.

Our Horses

LT Klever Doc - first day in his new home. January 2021

Dollar and his 2021 mares.




Located on Southern Saskatchewan grassland, we have water, rolling hills and trees. There are a number of trail obstacles and pens to use.


Our horses are bred and raised to work, while they can be competitive in and out of the arena, the focus is always on good minded, trainable horses.


Training begins at day one, mares and foals are allowed to be horses, and have hands on attention as they require. Foals are haltered and have ground work,and daily handling at weaning time.


Dollar was never shown, or promoted. The mares are ranch horses who earn their keep working cows during calving, and checking pastures throughout the year.
Pedigrees, conformation, cow sense, athletic ability and a big dose of pretty!

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If you have any questions, are interested in any horses or wish to contact me, Dawn Reesor , be sure to contact me via the methods listed below.